It’s funny how, over a long period time (in a sense, forever), you forget the smiles, and the personality of someone you have lost a long time ago.

I recently was fortunate to be able to convert a video of my son onto a DVD and I have just watched it.

The video was taken back in 2002 when he was 19 for ‘A Current Affair’ where he and his beloved ChIPS (Chronic Illness Peer Support)  were each given a substantial amount of money, plus he a brand new car for his agreeing to go on television to discuss his life with Progeria and his life as a ChIPPER.

I had forgotten his voice, his smile and directness it seems, his earnest open heart and his relationship with all those that knew and loved him.

I miss all that and so much more about him. I miss his smile, his laughter, his smell, his clothes, his scarves and his life, I miss his life and most importantly, I miss his being.

How I wish he was still here, but alas, he is not as we all know.

Chris died some 12 months after this experience but despite his initial hesitation when his so called fame happened, it gave him joy, freedom and some experiences he might not have achieved had it not occurred.

Someone once said….along these lines at least, “Don’t be sad it’s over, be glad that it happened”.

This is how I feel about my boy, but there will always be a part of me that wonders “What if…………”


Une, Deaux, Trois….

Just a quick update today.

Been super busy again with work unfortunately. Have a whole day off again tomorrow and plan to do things as there will be some hangers around here shortly! 😜

Listening to a very early Maddona as I type and I MUST get my act into gear as I am back to Wang this afternoon.

As so sorry to be missing out this year but both Bright and Wang have their Christmas do’s tonight and I will be working. I guess someone has to cut the slack!

Shall have to make up for it all in another way further on.

I am so out of synchronicity regarding Christmas 🎄 this year. Nothing prepared, I have written one Christmas card and I bought piles over in N.Z. Something else to add to the list I guess of ‘things to do’.

Can I put it all off to next year I wonder……

Revival… also known as nĂșmero duo!

I had to sleep away from home last night and at the last minute before bed went to brush my teeth and, would you know it, had left toothbrush and most importantly, toothpaste at home.

I then realised, especially this morning, that my kick start for the day and the most comforting thing at night before sleep, is the taste of a clean fresh smelling mouth….(my own that is).

So, dear reader. What floats your boat on a brand new day?

NĂșmero Uno

I was in the midst of a long drive today and listening on the radio to talkback (seems to be my favourite these days) and the discussion was ” what defines you as a person?”.

It’s difficult to know the biggest thing in my life that is the basis of my own personal definition but there are many facets that make up the wholistic me these days.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a nurse and a midwife. I’m an amateur photographer and these days a periodic one at best. I am a lover of nostalgic movies…… currently watching ‘Terms of Endearment’ an old favourite and an avid reader when I have the time.

According to my husband, I don’t get enough sleep which is true. According to me I never seem to have time for housework which I find frustrating. When I do have the time, I don’t seem to have the energy which comes back to lack of sleep I guess.

That’s the way my world rotates these days but I am grateful for my life, my ability to breathe without discomfort, and apart from a few aches and pains as I age, nothing else to worry me.

I’m currently experiencing a resurgence of my nursing career in a small rural hospital, primarily working with a fantastic bunch of caring, gentle nurses who are well experienced in dealing with difficulties of life, not to mention those urgent care presentations that set the heart a’flutter with their seriousness. I particularly love working with older aged people and being able to establish a temporary relationship at the least with their partners and families when time permits.  I have found and quite enjoy the continuity of care that was lost working in a hospital with a rapid turnover in the city.

I’m also still working as a midwife ‘keeping my hand in’ so to speak, (please pardon the pun) with a great group of midwives who have accepted me into their fold. Babies are born everywhere I guess, but the intricate details of birth, the local practices and the finite individual customs of every hospital are inherently different, so, for this old dog, it was a little difficult initially to grasp the change in the practicalities we take for granted, but I am gradually improving and I like to think, evolving with the changes I encounter with each working experience.

So that is what makes me what I am. As I mentioned earlier, I am a wife and a mother, these being the two most important details of my life, for, without these facts, my life would have tread a very different pathway.

Celebrate your life. Be thankful for who you are and what has made you the person you have evolved into. Even if there are times you don’t like yourself much and I attest to feeling that about myself from time to time…take a step back and view from the outside. Realise that you are alive and have some purpose, if only to tell me what defines YOU as a person.

Peace be with you my friends as you read this. Let me know what and who you are too.